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1When would I need a Re-Key?

  • Lost, stolen or unreturned keys
  • You want all of your doors on the same key way
  • You have purchased a home and do not know who has previous keys
  • You have purchased a brand new home – which many contractors have had a key to
  • You are renting a new apartment
  • You have changed house cleaners or other service companies
  • A roommate has moved out
  • Comply with new property codes

2What does a Re-Key do?

A Re-Key allows you to save the money of purchasing new hardware.
We change the internal combination of your locks so that the old keys will no longer work.

3Why Re-Key?

Re-Keying is a time and money saving option.
Re-Keying gives you peace of mind.

4What is a cylinder?

A Cylinder is anywhere a key enters – whether a door knob or a deadbolt

5What types of doors does this include?

Standard cylindrical residential locks and entry way doors are included.

Sliding glass doors, mailbox locks, commercial locks, overhead garage door locks, high security locks, integrated key pad locks are all not included.

6What is included in the REST EZ Re-Key Special?

Our uniformed technician will arrive in one of our lettered, identifiable vans. Our locksmith will Re-Key two cylinders on the spot and give you your four new keys right then.

There will be an additional fee for out of town calls and additional cylinders and keys.