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Keyless Push Button Locks Eliminate the Hassle of Replicating Keys to Provide Access - Bridgewater, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 24, 2015
Pushbutton Locks

A keyless push button lock is very useful for private and commercial applications. They are often coined as combination locks because they come with a touchscreen keypad where the owner is able to set the alpha or numeric code which can easily be reset when needed. As a result, access will only be granted if you have the correct code.

Push button locks in Bridgewater, MA can be installed in residential and commercial spaces to provide the highest level of security protection. In addition to being keyless, push button locks are also wireless which makes them ideal for securing interior and exterior doors upon closing, adding privacy and security. Because they are wireless, you can remotely unlock them with your iPhone which adds even more ease of use.

Palmer Lock and Key produces push button locks that are effective in providing key-less entry locks as well as a private space where forcible entry is not an issue. These locks eliminate the hassle of replicating keys in order to give access to others. Each person who needs entry or access can be given an individually assigned code that can be monitored.

To find out more about the wonders of push button locks, contact Palmer Lock & Key.

Lock Master Key System Provides Maximum Security to Your Office Building - Taunton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Master Key Systems

Your office building contains important files, money, confidential information, inventory and expensive equipment that need to be safeguarded. A lock master key system that can provide you with an access control with maximum security is the right way to keep your office space safe and secure.

Master key systems are made up of a group of keys that have a specific combination to operate one lock. The unlocking process is done according to a structured hierarchy. The managing director who carries the grand master key has access to all the doors in the building, while the other employees would have a change key that allows them to access rooms outside of the restricted areas.

Master key systems can be created for an entire complex, building or for just your office suite. With this lock system you and your staff benefit from an office building that is secure with one key. Locksmith services in Taunton, MA can custom-design your master key system that is right for the specific needs of your office space. If you want to expand your system at a point down the road, a master key system can be expanded.

For a comprehensive design package for a master key system, contact Palmer Lock & Key.

Locksmith Services, Done Promptly and Professionally to Ensure Safety and Security - Raynham, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In your business, there are many valuable assets that need safe keeping. This is why, locksmith services in Raynham, MA are tailor-made to suit the requirements that are specific to your particular business. Because security is a necessity, it is important to include safety codes and keypad locks as precautionary measures in your business.

Our locksmith business has the ability to get the job done for you at a fair price. With the help of lock and key professionals, you will get the best security hardware including master key systems, access control units, high security locks, and CCTV, all correctly installed in your establishment where you need it most. This hardware and these systems contribute to keeping your business protected against intruders and outsiders.

Palmer Lock & Key helps keep your business safe and secure by providing prompt and professional locksmith services as well as affordable, top-quality products. We have a working knowledge of all of the newest federal and state ADA and life safety codes for your business so your business won’t ever be vulnerable to code violations. By choosing Palmer Lock & Key you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction on all parts and services.

To find out more about the key to keeping your business safe and secure, contact Palmer Lock & Key.